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I gather sound that resonates and transcends. I dig for originals, and riff off currents. Everything is in the ether, and I take from what was, what is, and curate/create something native to this moment.



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Certain trails in the U.S. enjoy a high profile because of their overall length, remoteness, amazing scenery or historical significance. These classics of the American hiking scene draw much-deserved attention from both casual hikers and boot-and-beard-wearing hard-core trekkers. These headline-stealers might not have the same place in your heart as the local path, but they certainly are among the most attractive trekking routes that anyone can set foot on.
Classic American hiking trails

The mass surveillance of entire populations of people who are not suspected of any crime or wrongdoing is a clear violation of human rights and should never have been authorized.

Edward Snowden

This is the data that reveals who we are, whom we meet and talk to, what we think about certain issues, what we like, what excites or disgusts us, what we buy and how much we spend. Snowden’s decision to blow the whistle on the NSA is an unprecedented challenge in the name of democracy, to “preserve the old freedoms in a new age.” (via whothinksthethoughts) buddhag (via colinresponse)

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